Oakvale Sqaure Meaters offers Stud Livestock Transportation.

In late 2017 we decided to purchase our own Livestock Transportation Vehicle as there was an ever increasing demand from Clients to transport the stud stock they had purchased from Oakvale Square Meaters. Locations varied from either locally, interstate or even some out of the way locations. Since that time we have transported many stud animals to all different destinations helping small farmers save time and money.

Many of our Client’s purchase one or two bulls or a small number of females and with our our own stud show-team needing transporting to shows, we settled on purchasing a new Hino 921 fully automatic 8.5 tonne GVM Truck from the wonderful team at Wideland Trucks in Maryborough.
The body and crate were built to our specifications by Biggenden Engineering whom have a vast knowledge in building these rigs. Having Biggenden Engineering build this enabled us to have the features we considered important for the carrying of valuable Stud Stock.
We included 2 moveable partitions which enables us to have up to 3 separate compartments, this, along with the removable roof tarp to protect stock, feed and equipment from all adverse weather has given us a very versatile and safe vehicle to transport valuable Stud stock.

Many mainstream Livestock Transport Operators with larger trucks require large numbers of animals to make the trips viable. The Client that requires only transportation for one or two head then has to pay a considerable price or wait until the Operator has made up a load.

If you require safe and reliable transportation of your Stud Stock whether it be just that one or two bulls, a few females or your own show-team, please feel free to email us or give us a call to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

The truck is pressure washed and disinfected after each day’s operation.