Video of the Judging of Grand Champion British Bull
at the 2021 Murgon Show.
Listen to the Judges comments.

Lismore North Coast National 2019

Lismore North Coast National in 2019.
North Coast National Grand Champion Led Steer & Champion Lightweight Carcass.



Champion Lightweight Carcass Oakvale-Pay-For-It




Oakvale Never Enough In the 2019 Brisbane Royal Show Champion of Champions (All Breeds)

In the 2019 Brisbane Royal Show Champion of Champions (All Breeds) Cow or Heifer Oakvale Never Enough a 25 month old Cow with 5 month old Heifer calf at foot was selected by Judge Roger Evans of Nagol Park Shorthorns to come forward into the front line and had the following comments in regards to this Square Meaters Female:
 “and finally, the Square Meaters female. A female I really do appreciate for that angularity through the front end, a real wedgie shape female. We get from behind and there’s a tremendous amount of spring of rib through that rear rib and fore rib. The cow has a sweet udder and tremendous rear udder attachment and fore udder attachment, and she’s got a really sweet calf following on behind. A female that I think, you know it’s a breed to me doesn’t have the mature cow size that we see in some of these other females. But for her structural correctness and for that integrity we see there we are going to put her in the top line up here today, congratulations”.